Pre-Paid Discount Concession Vouchers

Treat your employees or group to a GREAT discount program! Get a $250 value for only $200. Save money by buying concession vouchers in bulk and pass the saving on! They are a perfect compliment to bulk admission tickets!

The are available in bundles of 50 or 100. Each voucher is good for $5 towards any items at our concession counter, including our famous popcorn with REAL BUTTER.

By purchasing in a bundle of 50, the price comes out to only $4 each, a 20% discount on the already lowest prices in town. Buy a bundle of 100 and save even more! That comes out to only $3.50 for $5 in yummy concession value!

Vouchers are not gift certificates. They are not valid for purchase of admission tickets or gift cards, and expire one year after purchase date.

Price is for product pickup at Collins Road Theatres. We are happy to ship these to you, but they require insured shipping. Please specify if you would like them shipped and any preference of method. You will be invoiced for shipping at actual cost + $2 to cover handling.

Pre-Paid Discount Concession Vouchers

Price: $200.00
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