CRT Value Card with CASHBACK!

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Rechargeable Value Cards are the perfect way to treat someone to a movie! They are available for purchase online here, or in person at our counter.

We recommend card values around $10-$15 per person since CRT is the cheapest theatre around! The most common amount is $25 but you can choose a different value if you're feeling generous!


Our card gives you a 5%** cashback loyalty bonus added back every time you used it! You can set up an automatic value-add from your credit card to keep getting 5% back on every visit!

You can check your card balance or add value online any time! Each card has a unique web address printed on it. CRT is probably the ONLY business that will replace a lost gift card!* There are no inactivity fees and unused balances do not expire.*

HINT FOR PARENTS: Want to give your kids money for a movie? Give them a CRT Value Card with CASHBACK! They can only spend it at CRT, AND you save money with cashback, AND you can add more online any time, AND they are replaceable if lost.

*Lost cards may be replaced for a nominal fee of $5. Proof of card ownership is required, such as the original receipt or having registered it online. We cannot be responsible for any balance used before the card is reported to us as lost. To comply with the requirements of Iowa law, if any balance remains after 35 months of inactivity that balance is removed from the card and donated to the Collins Road Theatres Educational Foundation, supporting film maker scholarships and educational programs´╗┐. The unused balance can be returned to your card at any time on request, at no charge, and remains there for another 35 months.

**Cashback amount subject to change or termination without notice, but we really don't have any plans to do that!


CRT Value Card with CASHBACK!

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